When the Ministry of Defense purchased the fuel in Trade Commodity, its price was the lowest on the market

The accusation of Trade Commodity of allegedly unjustified increase in contractual prices during the procurement of fuel for the Ministry of Defense is not true and is refuted by comparing this agreement with similar agreements concluded during the same period.

We remind that within the three years of participation in public procurement, the Company won 5 tenders for the supply of fuel to the defense department. Only in one case the price was raised - in connection with the change in the market price of fuel..

In particular, in April 2016, Trade Commodity won an auction for supply of various types of fuel to the Ministry of Defense. However, because of the long spring holidays, 14 contracts for the supply of these fuels were concluded only in a month - on May 18. During this period, there was a rapid fuel price explosion (up to 20%) on the international and Ukrainian markets, so at that time it was impossible to buy fuel at the market for the price indicated in the tender.

By mutual consent of the parties, amendments were made to the agreement between the Company and the Ministry of Defense. That is, several additional agreements were concluded to gradually bring prices to market levels. As a result, after the increase in prices, the Trade Commodity supplied the Ministry of Defense with a diesel fuel at the price of 19,500 UAH / ton, and gasoline A-92 - at the price of 24,000 UAH per ton.

It should be noted that according to the analysis of the market, at that time it was the lowest fuel price in Ukraine. After studying the agreements concluded between different state structures and other suppliers of fuel during the same period, we did not find any one, where the cost of fuel would be lower or even equal to the offers of Trade Commodity!

Price data A92 small

Price data DIESEL small

In addition to other state structures, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine at that time also purchased fuel for their needs. And because of rising market prices, they were forced to increase their price and reduce the amount of purchased fuel.

dovidka nabu small

Concluding, NABU and other government agencies, as well as the Ministry of Defense, had to agree to raise prices because of the objective market situation that existed at that time.

Obviously, the Trade Commodity decision to raise the expected cost of fuel coincides with the decisions of other providers to government agencies, and therefore any suspicions about the Company's actions should be dismissed in the near future.

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